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2013 ComiCon - Blogged by JME

There is a little bit of 'geek' in all of us, and it definitely runs in our family.  N8 more than June Bug and I, but we're catching up.  N8 has definitely widened our 'geek' view.  I remember the first time we went to see the new Star Trek in 2009.  I was surrounded by a bunch of Trekkies that fit the stereotype.  Greasy hair, acne that was out of control, body odor, and braces.  When the movie started, two guys next to me started reciting, "Space:  The final frontier.  These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise."  I just laughed a little inside.  Then, a bit later during the scene introducing Scottie, N8 leaned over to me, pointed out a creature in the background, and said, "Hey, that's a Tribble!  That's on an episode called Trouble with Tribbles."  I kind of looked at him in sheer disbelief.  After five years of marriage, I was just learning that my husband was a Trekkie.  I never would have guessed!  He didn't fit the stereotype.  But . . . not all Trekkies do, and that was something I learned that day.  Throughout the time I've known him, N8 has introduced me to a lot of cool stuff, comic book stuff included, like stuff from DC Comics and Marvel Comics, and stuff that isn't as well known such as the Amory Wars.
The 'geek' in us decided to spend the day today at ComiCon.  It was a lot of fun for a trio of 'geeks' like us.  Plus, as people watchers, we were in heaven!  There was so much to see and so many people to watch.  The only thing I probably would have done differently is gone on a weekday when it wasn't so busy.  We waited in a line to get in for about an hour.  Once we were in, it was so hard to get through crowds.  For people like us that almost have a meltdown at Costco on a Saturday, we did pretty good.

First we stopped by and made friends with Gollum.  June Bug wasn't too sure about it, but she definitely wasn't scared.  That was good because our next stop was a little more intense.  

This booth was so fun to visit.  They had weapons displayed that had been used in the Lord of the Rings movies.  June Bug loved the Orc and kept singing and cooing at it.  Weird kid.

It was definitely fun to see the people who dressed up.  Some of the costumes were pretty elaborate.  These were some of our favorites:
The Incredible Hulk

Captain America

Iron Man

The Evil Empire

June Bug enjoyed watching everyone too.  With a mom and dad who are avid people watchers, she was bound to be one as well.  

It was so hard to get around with all the people.  Luckily, I had my trusty stroller which helped me squeeze in to tight spaces.  One or two people may have lost a toe in the process but we finally were able to see everything.  It was a pretty nice crowd, too.  Everyone seemed to be really patient with everyone else and that was cool.  

We went back to the car for about a half hour to give June Bug some time to stretch her legs and for all of us to have some lunch. 

Now that the blood sugar is up, we are happy and ready for more!

This guy must have been dying!  He was waiting in the super long line for a wrist band in the heat in that hot costume.  It was definitely a neat costume though and you could tell he spent a lot of time on it.  

N8 loved this shirt!  Coexist in superhero symbols.  

Another Captain America

The Black Widow and Thor

This must have taken a long time to make. 

N8 thought this poster was pretty cool.

 We saw a video on YouTube a few weeks ago of a prank in Japan with a dinosaur costume that was pretty cool, and someone had that costume there at ComiCon.  It was fun to see it in real life. 

N8 listens to these guys on the radio all the time and had some Superman vision because he saw them through a huge crowd waiting to see William Shatner.  We finally made it through so he could get a picture of them. 
It was a really fun day!  I'm glad we could go.  Hopefully this becomes something we can do every year.

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