Thursday, March 14, 2013

Goblin Babe - Blogged by JME

Santa brought our June Bug some fun Christmas PJs that she has continued to wear, even though Christmas is over.  We loved them for the holiday season.  With a little Santa face on the bum and some Santa faces for the feet, they were very festive. 

However, now that Christmas is over, we have started looking at these pajamas a little differently.  We find that whenever June Bug wears these pajamas, she resembles little Toby from Labyrinth.  She even has some fun magic dance moves.  Dance magic dance!!!

We've posted the famous David Bowie scene with Toby for those of you who have never seen Labyrinth, need a refresher, or are big fans and watch it regularly.  Enjoy!

I might be biased but I'd have to say that she is the cutest goblin babe I've ever seen.