Thursday, February 21, 2013

June Bug's First Hair Cut - Blogged by JME

My kid has started looking a little scraggly.  Her sideburns had grown out so much, N8 said she looked like a Hasidic Jew.  We decided it was time to get her hair trimmed. 

I brought her to one of my good friends who cuts my hair, and with the help of Grammy Lu, we were able to get her to sit still long enough to trim up all those long ends. 

My friend has fast flying fingers, and it is a good thing too.  Little June Bug is so active, it is hard to get her to sit still for long. 

What a big girl!  She did so good and looks so much better. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Shiner - Blogged by JME
My little June Bug has been very active lately.  She hasn't started to officially crawl, but that hasn't stopped her.  She looks like she is swimming as she kicks her feet and drags her body with her arms, doing the classic 'soldier's crawl.'  She is getting really good at the soldier's crawl and is really fast.   Her toys aren't that interesting to her anymore.  No. . . . She wants the phone charger, or the floor lamp, or the wire for the surround sound.  She wants to play with the heater vent and anything else that, to most of us, would seem rather boring compared to her colorful and noise-making toys.   

She has recently discovered the return air vent and loves strumming her fingers on it.  The other day, her and I were playing together with this particular vent.  She was laying on her tummy but decided that she would rather be up on all fours.  When she got up off the ground, it looked as though her head bonked the wall.  It didn't sound like it hit very hard but she cried and cried.  I downplayed it, telling her that she was okay. 

While I was feeding her dinner, N8 pointed out to me that he thought she had a shiner. It wasn't her head that hit the wall. It was her little eye that hit the corner of the return air vent. I felt so bad, especially because I downplayed her little injury that was bigger than what I thought.   Her black eye wasn't too bad at first but got worse as the days went by . . . .

I was a little embarrassed taking her to church or to the store, worried that everyone would think that I was a bad mommy to let her get hurt or worried that someone might think that I did that to my sweet girl. 

It's been nice being able to talk to other moms, however, and have discovered that it is all part of growing up and getting around.  As I notice other little ones around my June Bug's age, I notice bonks and bruises on them, too, and it makes me feel so much better.